Practice TOURO 18

Date: 20/09/2018 a 23/09/2018

Promoted by the Regional Service of Civil Protection and Firefighters of the Azores (SRPCBA)

  • Objective: to prepare all the Civil Protection agents for a greater degree of efficiency in the actions of support and relief to the population in a seismic crisis scenario.
  • Scenario: increase in seismic activity in the central part of the island of S. Miguel (volcanic systems of Fogo and Congro), with earthquakes of high magnitude (M 6.2) and destroyers.

Practice AÇOR 18

Date: 20/09/2018 a 25/09/2018

Promoted by the Azores Operational Command (COA)

  • Objective: the joint operational training of the commandos, forces and media located in the Azores archipelago in response to a seismic crisis situation.
  • Scenario: increase in seismic activity in an epicentral region located about 4 km south of Ribeira Quente (Furnas, S. Miguel Island), with earthquakes of high magnitude (M 5.6) and destroyers.